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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Information Security Awareness

Small businesses cannot afford to pay for IT Security companies. 
I am an independent contractor, and therefore I can afford to charge less. I am a Small Business too.

I have a degree in Information Systems Security. I work in the Houston, Texas area. 
I create blogs, webpages, and other social media. 

I can scan and clean up your system, to insure that your security has not been compromised. There are many ways to infiltrate your system without you even knowing it. Did you know that you need not only Anti-virus software, but also Anti-spyware software? I can set that up for you. 

Email for quote: sallysspecialservices@gmail.com 

Friday, October 31, 2014

Google Hangout | How to do a Google Hangout

Hangout - Protect Your Site: Security Tips For WordPress

Streamed live on Oct 30, 2014

WordPress, the world’s most popular website platform, is also one of the world’s most popular online targets. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to avoid potential security issues and recover your site if a problem arises.

Joshua McNary will share quick tips for securing your site. Learn WordPress best practices, plugins and backup routines to ensure your site is never lost for good.

Joshua's Bio:

Marketing Technologist & Founder, McNary Marketing & Design LLC
As a Marketing Technology expert and owner of McNary Marketing & Design LLC, Joshua McNary meshes business strategy, technology, and corporate savvy with entrepreneurial passion to provide solutions to clients’ problems. After over a decade of working in non-profit and then the corporate world, Joshua acts on his knowledge about business, marketing, design, and web development to help small- and medium-sized business, start-ups, and organizations. He has done extensive work developing brands, marketing workflows, and business solutions. This often takes the form of helping clients develop marketing materials, sales and lead generation processes, proactive goal-driven websites, and progressive business plans. His most valued selling point is how he works alongside of clients in an honest and ethical way to help them grow.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

How to Make a Photography Website with WordPress

Published on Jul 15, 2014

http://goo.gl/aPcf7D -- best web host -- OVER 50% OFF!
http://myboringchannel.com/photo -- Photography Website!
http://myboringchannel.com -- How to Make a Blog

How to Make a Photography Website with WordPress -- it's a video on how to use WordPress to make a photography website to display your photos in a dynamic, eye-catching fashion.

Making a low-cost (less than a quad latte) photography website is easy with WordPress and I show you how to do it, step by step. I'm a teacher so explaining things comes naturally. I don't skip anything. And if there's something that you want to know that I didn't explain, just contact me and I'll give you free support for your photography website.

In this video, I'll show you how to use the "Capture" WordPress theme, upload photos to your website, how to arrange them in eye-catching galleries, how to display your photos in a dynamic slideshow, and how to arrange your featured images on the home page of your photography website. I show you how to use Page Builder and SiteOrigin Masonry (obviously by SiteOrigin). These two plugins combined allow you to arrange your images in a mosaic on your home page -- see it in action here --http://demo.siteorigin.com/origami/ma...

I actually almost used the Origami theme for this video, but the Origami galleries don't show thumbnails, which I wanted to do.

If you have any questions whatsoever about your photography website (or other WordPress website or blog you're working on), feel free to contact me in the comments or via my website --http://myboringchannel.com.

Be sure to check out my other WordPress tutorials, the most recent of which include:

How to Make a Blog -- http://youtu.be/dkGszJbQsjg
How to Make a Free Blog -- http://youtu.be/R6GiMGDDi6o
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How to Make a Free Blog

Published on Jun 14, 2014

http://goo.gl/aPcf7D -- best web host -- OVER 50% OFF!
http://niftywebsite.com -- My Boring Channel's Website
http://myboringchannel.com -- How to Make a Blog

Want to know how to make a free blog or a free website? Utilize the power of WordPress to make your own free blog or free website. WordPress is versatile. You can make a free blog or you can use WordPress to make a website (also free) with a static home page.

This is my third video on making a free blog with WordPress. My first one (it's called "How to Make a Free Website" but I'm using the terms "blog" and "website" interchangeably) has about 1/2 million views. Why? Because it was easy to understand and because the method works. This one is new and updated (June 2014). Simply put, WordPress is amazing and when people learn it, they are hooked.

Using WordPress is a skill that everyone should have in 2014. Why? Because it is the most popular blog / website-making software in the world. Professionals worldwide use WordPress. And many companies use WordPress for their blogs or websites -- e.g., CNN, New York Times, Reuters, etc.

WordPress comes in two flavors: WordPress.com, which is what I'm showing you, and WordPress.org. WordPress.com provides the software and free hosting to you. So you don't pay a dime. It's completely free. You don't have to back up your free blog, fight spam or do any maintenance -- you just make it and use it. WordPress.org provides the software free of charge -- and that's it. No hosting. To use it, you'll need your own host and your own domain name. Do that if you're starting a business. But if you want a free blog (or free website), without any costs whatsoever, and you want the knowledge of how to use WordPress, then watch this video and start making your own free blog.

How To Build A Website with WordPress 2014

Published on Feb 24, 2014

Build A Website with WordPress 2014

My Website -- http://letsbuildwp.com
Link To My Channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/letsbuild...

This video will show you how to build a website with WordPress in 2014, step by step without missing any steps! You don't need to know any html coding or need to have any previous web design experience to build an AMAZING website using WordPress. If you were to have a web designer build this website for you, you would be looking at paying around $1000 for it! If you build your website using this tutorial it will cost you around $12 to get started! So if you are ready to build WordPress, let's build it together!

If you have any questions about building websites using WordPress, just send me a message over athttp://letsbuildwp.com/contact and I will try my best to help you.

Steps Outlined in this Tutorial Video -

1. Setting Up Hosting.
2. Setting Up A Domain Name.
3. Installing WordPress on your new hosting account.
4. Logging into WordPress and changing your Password.
5. Changing your WordPress theme. (Customizr Theme).
6. Adding A Page with Text and an Image.
7. Adding A Page with a Video (embedded from YouTube).
8. Adding A Page with a Contact Form on it so visitors can send you a message
(which will be sent as an email).
9. Changing the Home Page (including CTA buttons, or "Call To Action" buttons).
10. Adding your own Logo and Tagline.
11. Changing all of the necessary settings so your website runs smoothly.

Thank-You very much for watching our video, we hope you enjoyed it and more importantly we hope that it taught you how to build a website with WordPress!

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